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Karen Popp, CEO, an award-winning event, sales and marketing professional with 25 years experience in technology and consumer markets, curates all aspects of small and large events, sales, and corporate marketing programs.  Attuning corporate messaging and delivering exceptional results are cornerstones of Karen’s abilities to accurately assess target markets and customize roadmaps specifically tailored for optimal results. Karen supports the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s Women In Leadership Initiatives, and SEMI Foundation’s workforce training programs, providing ways for tech companies to reach and train qualified candidates.  Karen’s past and current clients include the Design Automation Conference, Global Semiconductor Alliance, GlobalFoundries, Edwards Vacuum, ASNA, Cadence, ARM, Autodesk, HP, AMD, True Circuits Inc., Knights Bridge Winery, Beau Wine Tours, Arterra Landscape Architects, Hestan Winery, Integral Bloom, Inspiring Success and many others.

What’s Unique about Soaring Strategy


After thorough and thoughtful needs assessment and goal analysis, Soaring Strategy provides a customized roadmap, including:

collaborative benchmarks to accomplish and exceed goals

bringing your mission to life

accomplishing your vision

Customized services, solutions, and refined messaging provide effective communication of your vision.


Authenticity, that quality of being real, and intuition are requisite for successful marketing, branding or events.  Soaring Strategy is passionate about authentic high standards which are the basis for:

being genuine

partner relationships that matter

clear and focused communication about all project aspects

All support the best possible outcome for your project.


Delivering impactful events with ease, we move every event forward with  expertise based on experience, regardless of size.



date, venue, theme

agenda, targeted speakers, attendees,


We’ll  be on-site to meticulously manage details, ensuring highest quality experiences from beginning to end.


Impressive activities elevate Your impact

messaging and branding

expanded market reach

mission and vision

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Soaring Strategy provides values-aligned event, sales and marketing vision and implementation for companies to soar. ”

– Karen Popp, Founder and CEO

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